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  • Cell2 - BMW i8

    08 Oct 2020 Jose Luis Touceda
  • Cell2 - MERCEDES

    08 Oct 2020 Jose Luis Touceda
  • Cell2 - BMW i8

    08 Oct 2020 Jose Luis Touceda
  • Ultra-comfortable rope access harness.
  • Comfortable ventilated helmet
  • The CLUTCH enables more rope operations with one tool than anything we’ve ever evaluated.
  • The LokHead winch is a proven high-load, low-friction winch that is a perfect choice for rescue operations.
  • The Singing Rock Evacuation Triangle Combi II is a fully adjustable casualty harness.
  • Ground stand for the LokHead winch
  • The Rigging Winch 500 provides the user with a lightweight, portable winch mounted to a robust adaptor plate.
  • The Harken Industrial Ninja foot ascender makes Rope Access and Rescue easier because it reduces rope drag to the lowest of any available foot ascender.
  • Lightweight and fully adjustable full body and sit harness
  • Fully adjustable harness for rope access with a padded wide waist belt, leg loops and shoulder straps.
  • The Manta Pro Helmet is a multi-purpose helmet which has been tested and approved for use in a wide variety of different environments.
  • The ActSafe RCX rope winch has been specially developed for effortless and efficient rescue operations. The main users are search and rescue (SAR) teams from the fire brigade, disaster relief or emerg ...
  • The lightweight and compact Skylotec Sirius Descender.
  • The ActSafe Rigging Frame is a lightweight and portable edge management system for the deviation of ropes over edges, for rope rescue, and rope access.