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Rescue Intellitech

Stand: 5/G174
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Rescue Intellitech takes decontamination seriously. You should too! With its products Rescue Intellitech aims to make the decontamination process of cleaning firefighter PPE as easy, safe and effective as possible. The company's goal is to develop products that provide a healthier way of decontaminating protective gear, and in the long run, help firefighters fight cancer.


Jägershillgatan 26
SE-213 75

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  • Optimized filtration technology The DeconFilter Pro S effectively extracts and reduces carcinogenic PAH substances in the wastewater of the Solo Rescue and DeconWasher Pro S. Wastewater samples were t ...
  • The same great cleaning result in a more convenient size The DeconWasher Pro S ensures excellent results without compromising function or quality despite its compact size. The smart design enables a h ...
  • Developed to help firefighters fight cancer Firefighters face a high risk of cancer due to exposure to hazardous chemicals and carcinogenic particles. To mitigate this risk, it's crucial to clean and ...
  • With the DeconWasher™ Pro S you get a compact easy-to-use decon washer that will clean your firefighter PPE in about 10 minutes with just one single tap on the screen. It features an optimized cleanin ...
  • Solo Rescue® decon washer is the most versatile washing machine for firefighter PPE on the market. With it you can clean contaminated SCBAs, face masks, boots, gloves, and helmets in just a few minute ...
  • See how Lt. James Brown and the Huntley Fire Protection District use the innovative RESCUE Intellitech Solo Rescue® decon washer to clean their SCBAs and other gear from dangerous toxins and carcinoge ...
  • MALMÖ, Sweden, September 15, 2023 – RESCUE Intellitech, a leading provider of innovative solutions for the firefighting and rescue services industry, is thrilled to introduce its new subscription mode ...
  • Our brochure featuring all our products in one convenient collection.
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