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Palmyra Communications

Stand: 5/G181
  • Communications
  • Operational Equipment
  • PPE, Protective Clothing & Uniforms
  • Training & Training Equipment
  • Vehicle Equipment
  • The Emergency Services Show

Palmyra will exhibit: KitTags – in service with all emergency services. Discuss how the company can assist with kit identification and, with GearLog, on checking and validation; and N-ear – introduced to the UK in 2022, Palmyra is the UK's leading reseller of the world's most comfortable earpiecd. These Danish earpieces will transform earpiece experience. We have a variety of PTT options.


United Kingdom

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Contact Exhibitor

  • KitTags

    19 Aug 2022
    KitTags are tough, personalised labels for use with all forms of equipment bags, allowing users to rapidly see which bag they need.  Introduced to the UK in 2012, KitTags now supplies Emergency Servic ...
  • Designed for next generation radio users - helps prevent cross-talk and RF/EMI Interference The only dual-comms single-downlead Peltor available globally Fully integrated with Avon Protection FM53, no ...
  • N-ear Flex 360

    02 Aug 2022
    The N-ear range of ear-pieces provide comfort and operational capability for the radio user. Compatible with all radios, N-ear provides 100% situational awareness, high-quality audio and can be used w ...
  • N-ear 360

    19 Aug 2022 Palmyra Communications
    The N•ear 360™ is the most covert earpiece on the market. The unique patented design bends the wire close to the head to give a discreet, comfortable and secure fit.
  • Atlantic Signal - listening to the customer

    19 Aug 2022 Palmyra Communications
  • KitTags Checked/Restock

    19 Aug 2022 KitTags / Palmyra Communications
    Mini KitTags printed with RESTCOCK or CHECKED in an appropriate colour. 
  • KitTag for Laerdal Suction Unit

    19 Aug 2022 KitTags / Palmyra Communications.
    Thamss Valley Air Ambulance found that the Laerdal Suction Units required something different, partocularly as units were sometimes not returned for up to 9 months following a patient transfer.     
  • Atlantic Signal Comtac 5

    19 Aug 2022 Atlantic Signal / Palmyra Communications
    COMTAC V exclusive to Atlantic Signal & distributors is the NEXT GEN tactical circum-aural headset.  Noise canceling, ambidextrous boom mic New environmental mics for enhanced SA Inter-changeable over ...
  • N-ear 360 - replacing the acoustic tube

    19 Aug 2022 Palmyra Communications
    The N•ear 360™ is the most discrete and comfortable earpiece on the market, suitable for the either policing or entertainment sector use. The unique patented design bends the wire close to the head to ...
  • KitTags

    19 Aug 2022 KitTags / Palmyra Communications
    In two sizes, KitTags and Mini KitTags, and six colours, KitTags attach easily to rucksacks and equipment bags.  Established in 2012, KitTags now supplies emergency services across the UK and aroun th ...
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