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Multitone Electronics Plc

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Multitone provide rapid, reliable, secure communications technologies to customers worldwide and in many different industries.

With our suite of hardware, software and apps, we can deliver bespoke integration, automation and communications systems that make workplaces safer, more efficient and more resilient - with great results for the people that work in them and for the people that rely on them.


Multitone Electronics Plc
Shortwood Copse Lane
RG23 7NL
United Kingdom


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  • Sometimes you need to message hundreds or even of thousands of people in one go, perhaps via multiple contact methods. Our solution makes mass communications easy.
  • With our solution, on-site staff can discreetly summon immediate assistance to their location at the touch of a button should they ever feel unwell or unsafe.
  • With Multitone's suite of communications technologies and integration tools, we can provide a bespoke, complete communications solution for your entire organisation.
  • With our solution, on-site staff can discreetly summon immediate assistance to their location at the touch of a button should they ever feel unwell or unsafe.
  • Thanks to its simplicity, reliability and independence from other communication networks, paging remains a widely used tool for high-priority messaging.
  • Our Nurse Call solution ensures that hospital patients or care home residents can summon help directly to their location whenever and wherever they need it.
  • A powerful communications and critical alerting tool, Multitone Appear transcends the limitations of app-to-app messaging. With Appear, it's all about who you want to contact, not how.
  • Appear Lite works as an enhanced pager for smartphones. Unlike SMS or app-based messaging, Appear Lite messages can override silent & DND settings: ideal for high-priority alerts which do not require ...
  • The Multitone Appear Crew App has been designed especially for retained firefighters, and is the perfect communications tool to supplement a firefighter's alerter, helping ensure the message is never ...
  • i-Message underpins many of Multitone's solutions. It functions as a messaging and integration platform, and is available as a cloud service, on-premises, or as a hybrid of the two for ultimate utilit ...
  • Multitone i-Message is a hybrid messaging platform. Available on-premises or as a cloud solution, powered by AWS, it plays an essential role in innovative integration and communications solutions.
  • Introduction to Multitone's mobilisation and communications solutions for fire and rescue services and other emergency services.
  • With Multitone Appear and Appear Lite, we want to change the way hospitals communicate for the better.
  • With our solution, on-site staff can discreetly summon immediate assistance to their location at the touch of a button should they ever feel unwell or unsafe.
  • We provide organisations with tailored critical communications, empowering clients to reach their goals with the foundation of ensured safety. Confidence through safety - safety through communication.
  • In 2022 Jason Humphreys switched from the world of radio comms to join Multitone Electronics, the UK’s leading specialist developer of integrated critical communications, as part of the sales team. La ...
  • In the case of famous services such as the RNLI’s 24-hour search & rescue, Mountain Rescue England & Wales, and the scores of other organisations who save lives, this is certainly true. The RNLI recei ...
  • Multitone Electronics, a UK company and a leading specialist developer of integrated critical communication systems is looking forward to exhibiting at this year’s Emergency Tech Show at the Birmingha ...
  • When incidents occur, organisations need to respond quickly. The incident could be a theft in a shop, an injury from a faulty item of equipment, a threat to a vulnerable patient… or a major security a ...
  • Employees in the NHS, retail and other sectors face escalating levels of verbal and physical abuse, particularly since the start of the pandemic. This article considers the issue – and explores a raft ...
  • Major emergencies may require more personnel than are usually available. With our major incident solution, you can contact all your staff via multiple contact methods, and keep track their responses.
  • Our Appear Crew app supplements pagers by providing an alternative medium for critical messaging, helping ensure the quickest, most complete response to each call-out.
  • Station end equipment and software which executes key automations, like opening doors & printing out information, when a call-out is received, helping ensure rapid deployment.
  • Multitone provide pagers (alerters), radio transmitters and signal boosters for an ultra-reliable, effective call-out system for retained & volunteer emergency service personnel. 
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