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Deep Trekker

Stand: 4/A142
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Deep Trekker designs and manufactures rapid deployment, low logistics commercial ROVs that are ideal for a variety of search and rescue applications; enhancing divers' capabilities while reducing the danger associated with many dive missions by allowing for pre-dive inspection and planning before entry.


Deep Trekker Inc.
155 Washburn Drive
N2R 1S1


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  • The PIVOT ROV offers users stability, speed, and precise control through its six strong thrusters. Powered by lithium batteries for the added convenience of portability, and equipped with LED floodlig ...
  • Deep Trekker utility crawlers are designed to work in tough underwater environments; equipped with attachments for pressure washing, vacuuming, thickness testing and more. The DT640 offers various sol ...
  • A-200 is specifically designed to navigate rugged terrain and 8’’ and larger pipes. Built rugged, with industrial-grade anodized aluminum and stainless steel construction, and a sapphire camera lens c ...
  • The DTG3 is a mini observation-class underwater ROV built to provide operators the ability to quickly deploy and visually inspect within underwater environments. Record 4K UHD footage and capture imag ...
  • The Deep Trekker REVOLUTION is a completely re-imagined ROV. The patent pending revolving head allows operators to rotate the camera, manipulators, and sonar all while station holding in moving water. ...
  • SAR Overview Trailer

    01 Nov 2023 Deep Trekker Inc.
    Deep Trekker ROVs have proven to be incredibly useful tools for conducting underwater search and recovery operations. They can be controlled from a surface vessel or remote location where operators ca ...
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