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Stand: 5/F230
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Founded in 2016, Avy is a manufacturer that develops Drones for Good. Avy specialises in fixed-wing drones for medical delivery and emergency response. The Aera 3 is a fixed-wing VTOL drone, which operates from its station, the Avy Dock. All is remotely controlled by the Avy Base and linked through the Avy Cloud, completing the company's drone network as an integrated solution.


Donauweg 21

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  • A fixed-wing VTOL drone that flies autonomously beyond the horizon to get your job done. Designed for autonomy, reliability and compliance.  
  • Docking Station The Docking Station provides a shelter and charging station for the drone, allowing it to always be on standby. Control Tower Control towers enable fully remote operations by providing ...
  • Avy aircraft with the temperature controlled AirCare Medkit can be used to transport medical goods such as blood, vaccines and samples.
  • Stream high quality stabilised video from day and night camera sensors with 80x zoom, to provide situational awareness. 
  • Avy Air: the software that runs the drone Avy Base: the software that runs on the laptops used by pilots/operator Avy Cloud: Fleet management software that enables clear insight in flight data
  • Launch of research pilot with long-range drone in collaboration with the Dutch Police Avy announces a partnership with the Dutch Police for a pilot-project in which potential drone-applications will b ...
  • The last mile challenge in the Atacora region Limited access to healthcare products, especially blood bags during childbirth is a severe problem in the Atacora region of Benin. According to the UNFPA, ...
  • As technology advances, automated drone operations are becoming increasingly prevalent and the collaboration has led to a successful proof of concept for autonomous drone operations in a complex envir ...
  • On May 9th and 10th Avy teamed up with Delivrone to conduct several successful BVLOS flights over sea as part of a demo. The goal here was to demonstrate to the French healthcare providers that drone ...
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