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27 Mar 2020

Blade cuts reinforced pillars: Endurance for Vehicle Rescue Carbide Blade

Bosch UK Stand: 5/J183

The “Endurance for Vehicle Rescue” sabre saw blade – available in two different lengths – was specially developed to meet the requirements of the life-saving services. It cuts through A, B and C pillars made from high-alloy steel, car roofs made from metal sheet, door hing-es as well as windshields made from coated glass quickly and safely. The new blade geometry has several additional benefits: Thanks to the V-shaped tip, the sabre saw blade is easier to guide and does not get stuck in the material. The first tooth on the blade is also designed so that the saw blade can plunge directly into the material to be cut without the need for any time-consuming pre-drilling. The saw blade also has a conical shape. As it is narrower at the front than at the rear, it enables access to tight spaces that can often not be reached using hydraulic rescue equipment.

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