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TT Tool Pack ZP

Prisma Worldwide Ltd Stand: 5/E216
  • TT Tool Pack ZP
  • TT Tool Pack ZP
  • TT Tool Pack ZP
TT Tool Pack ZP TT Tool Pack ZP TT Tool Pack ZP

The TT Tool Pack ZP is designed for the TT Plate Carrier QR LC ZP, the attachment is via side zippers. The pack can also be mounted on other plate carriers on the market with the appropriate zipper length and width. In addition, the included zippered MOLLE strip allows it to be attached to plate carriers with the same MOLLE scheme as item 7500. An additional adapter is included for attachment to classic MOLLE straps. The fold-out main compartment is suitable for bolt cutters up to a length of 80 cm, the fold-out front compartment accommodates various entry tools, and the hooked-in tubes can also be removed. In addition, the pack has insertion options for breach pens on the sides. On the front is MOLLE in laser cut design, the elastic side compression can be removed.

  • Elastic side compression, detachable
  • Compression straps with hooks
  • Main compartment for bolt cutters up to 80 cm in length, folds out
  • Front compartment for breaching tools in various lengths, fold-out
  • Two removable, hook-and-loop tubes for tools in the front compartment
  • Elastic fixation for breachpens on the side
  • Suitable for item 7500, 7504, 7175,7074, 7155*,7156*,7072(*S/M) by means of zipper bar
  • Laser-cut MOLLE system
  • Zipped-on zipper strip for use on MOLLE schemes such as item 7500 or 7175
  • Requires six MOLLE strips horizontally
  • Additional adapter for attachment to classic MOLLE straps is included
  • Zippers: Type Vislon, thickness #10, length 24 cm, distance to each other 25 cm)