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Clean Bleedâ„¢ Mat

Limbs and Things Ltd Stand: 5/P250

The brand NEW Clean Bleedâ„¢ Mat has been designed to support all simulation scenarios. This product can be used with any brand of trainer where external blood or fluid loss is a key indicator and measure of the emergency being simulated.

Easily set up in as little as 2 minutes, the patented Clean Bleedâ„¢ Mat allows for a mess-free blood loss simulation. Accurately mimic a range of blood loss rates for a wide variety of clinical scenarios, including: post-partum haemorrhaging, post-operative wounds, gunshot trauma and arterial bleeds. With adjustable flow capability, realistic scenarios can be created based on the actions of the trainee.

The Clean Bleedâ„¢ Mat can be used in conjunction with any brand task trainers, full body manikins, or simulated patients, as well as being suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. For ease of use, this product comes with two lengths of tubing to allow for the fluid reservoir and pump to be placed further away from the training area.

The internal mat can be removed, allowing trainees to weigh the blood or fluid loss as they would in a clinical setting. Our mats are specifically designed to allow easy clean up, including a 2-way pump system that ensures the fluid can be pumped back into the reservoir for reuse. This means a cost effective, mess-free way of using blood flow to aid in diagnosis.