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17 Jul 2023

New COAST Products Launched at ESS 2023!

BBB Investments Ltd Stand: 5/K260
NEW COAST PRODUCTS Launched at ESS 2023!

In addition to a wide selection from their extensive COAST LED Lighting range, BBB Investments will be launching several new products during the Emergency Services Show 2023

New Products available for the first time will include

TX22R Long-Range Rechargeable Ultra-Torch

With an incredible 5300 Lumens light output, this new product was specifically designed in conjunction with US Law Enforcement, Security & Rescue agencies.

Literally packed with market-leading features for use in the most demanding of environments.

  • 5300 Lumens Maximum Light Output
  • High (2080 Lumens), Medium (540 Lumens) & Low (130 Lumens) light modes
  • Added 4th “Turbo Mode” automatically switches to 5300 Lumens (Max) from any standard mode, at the touch of a finger-tip
  • 518 Metres maximum Beam-Distance
  • 32 Hours Max Run-Time (at 130 Lumens), 7 ¾ Hours run-time (at 540 Lumens), 4 ¾ Hours run-time (at 2080 Lumens)
  • Weighted/Balanced design with illuminated front operated switch, ideal for extended use.
  • One-handed Slide-Focus Adjustment from long-range Spot Beam to Ultra-Wide Circular Flood Beam
  • ‘Beam-Lock’ guarantees beam stays in required position & cannot be accidentally changed.
  • Operating Switch includes inbuilt ‘Battery Life Indicator’, confirming battery/power status
  • Supplied with COAST ZX965 Rechargeable Battery…(also possible to use with 6 x standard AA batteries)
  • Battery can be re-charged either Inside the Torch or remotely….allowing torch to remain fully operational whilst re-charging
  • Battery features USB-Out port enabling use as ‘Power Bank’ to re-charge/top-up other devices such as Smart Phones, Sat-Navs etc.
  • ‘Anti-Roll Collar’, preventing torch from rolling/falling-off flat surfaces
  • LED Chip guaranteed for 100,000 Service Hours
  • COAST 5 Year Warranty



RL20R Rechargeable Head–Torch

  • 1000 Lumens Maximum Light Output
  • High (1000 Lumens), Low (88 Lumens) light modes
  • 8 Light Options

Spot-Beam High, Spot Beam Low

Flood Beam High, Flood Beam Low

Combined Spot + Flood High and Low

Solid Red light

Solid Green light

  • 185 Metres maximum Beam-Distance
  • 4 1/2 Hours Max Run-Time (at 720 Lumens), 8 1/2 Hours run-time (at 88 Lumens), 16 Hours run-time (at 47 Lumens)
  • Additional one-handed ‘light control wheel’ for added precise adjustment of light output.
  • Design features Red rear Safety Light, with Red Solid or Red Flashing warning light for user safety.
  • Rear safety light includes inbuilt ‘Battery Life Indicator’, confirming overall battery/power status
  • Supplied with COAST Rechargeable Battery with inbuilt circuit protection.
  • Option to purchase 2nd ‘slide-on’ rear battery pack, doubling the battery run-time!
  • 2nd optional battery pack also includes inbuilt safety light for added use as 2nd back-up light
  • Comfortable breathable, head-strap with quick-release connection & internal resin-grip for attachment to helmets and illuminated outer strap for added visibility & safety
  • LED Chip guaranteed for 100,000 Service Hours
  • COAST 5 Year Warranty


The 2 new products above, plus the full, wider COAST range are immediately available via BBB Investments Ltd, the Exclusive Distributor for COAST products in UK, The Republic of Ireland, Belgium, The Netherlands & Luxembourg

BBB Investments Ltd, A3 Harrison Road, Airfield Business Park, Market Harborough, Leicestershire LE16 7UL      (Tel: 01858-410551) / (Email:

On-site visits/demonstrations can be arranged, in order to try out a number of different products on-site