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Learn How to Remove Sensitive Audio in Amped Replay

Amped Software Stand: 4/J82
Learn How to Remove Sensitive Audio in Amped Replay
Learn How to Remove Sensitive Audio in Amped Replay: Ready, Steady, Redact!

We are very thrilled to introduce you to the new exciting audio display and redaction features now available in Amped Replay! Additions that required weeks of intense development and testing, but which we are immensely proud of. And we think you are going to love how easy it is now to remove sensitive audio from your evidence!

In the past, removing sensitive and/or unwanted material from digital media evidence was considered a niche editing skill that only a specialized video unit could undertake in a law enforcement agency. And there was a good reason for it, of course: the process required ingesting the evidence, editing the material and exporting the processed media to a forensically acceptable standard. This is a delicate workflow that requires specialized training and skill set in forensic video processing and analysis.

Now with Amped Replay, forensic integrity and quality is taken care of for you in the background. Meanwhile, you can focus on removing visual, and now aural, content that is inadmissible in court, or not fit for public disclosure.

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