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23 Jul 2021

Introducing the Arges - Making you rethink what a remote spotlight is capable of

Woodway Engineering Ltd Stand: 5/OS240
Introducing the Arges - Making you rethink what a remote spotlight is capable of
The Arges® is a brand new remote spotlight brought to you by Woodway. Designed from the ground up, it’s a small footprint with a big impact and packed with Whelen’s advanced technology.

With an innovative mechanical design providing 360° of continuous rotation and a 180° tilt range, this 1800 lumen remote spotlight can be easily manoeuvred to focus on any area surrounding the vehicle. The revolutionary, responsive control head has a 1:1 relationship with the lighthead, providing you with full control over the spotlight’s movements.

Benefitting from a quick and simple installation, with the option to mount your Arges® onto your Whelen lightbar, this versatile new product has many possible applications. The Arges® can act as an enhanced alley light and support in seeking threat during policing operations, and similarly can be mounted to security vehicles for use during night patrols. Search and rescue applications requiring a remote search light will benefit from having complete control over the positioning and movement of the Arges® for thorough searches.

Options include a 5° spot model using Proclera Optic technology engineered to provide less light distortion and light output up to three times brighter. Or opt for the 5° spot to 60° flood model with ProFocus LED technology, offering a variable beam, allowing you to switch from spotlight to floodlight, to be prepared for any situation.

“This remote illumination brings something fresh and exciting to Woodway’s product range” says Woodway Director Debbie Taylor. “We’re looking forward to having the opportunity to witness the Arges® in action on our customer installations, and to also see the breadth of applications possible for this intuitively designed spotlight.”

To find out more about how the Arges® can support you and your operations, visit our stand OS120 outside at the Emergency Services Show, or contact Woodway on 02476841750 /