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04 Oct 2023

Introducing the Amped FIVE Certification Program

Amped Software Stand: 4/G83
Introducing the Amped FIVE Certification Program
Dear colleagues, we are very thrilled to announce that we have just released our new official Amped FIVE certification program.

After a long period of development and trials, we can now formally reveal that the program is open to all eligible Amped FIVE users. Find out how to become an Amped FIVE Certified Examiner (AFCE) below.

Become an Amped FIVE Certified Examiner

As you may know, our training program is almost as old as our very first product, Amped FIVE, when it launched all the way back in 2008. As a global company providing software solutions for forensic video analysis and enhancement, we always felt we had a responsibility to teach our users how to use them effectively.

The industry is now introducing more formal requirements to perform our work diligently and safely. Therefore, we have decided that the time is right to give our users the ability to become Amped FIVE Certified by virtue of a formal examination. This title will not only enrich your CV but will also offer you the ability to demonstrate your competence in the theoretical and practical elements of our Amped FIVE training program. It will also showcase your proficiency in using the software.



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