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Face GAN Deepfake Detection Filter

Amped Software Stand: 4/G83
Face GAN Deepfake Detection Filter
Amped Authenticate Update 26549: New Face GAN Deepfake Detection Filter, Updated Social Media Identification Database, and More

Deepfakes are the latest evolution of image forgery, and they are getting more and more popular and dangerous. A deepfake is a fake image or video generated with a deep ANN, that is an artificial neural network (ANN) with many layers of neurons. ANNs are not something new, they’ve been an Artificial Intelligence (AI) tool for decades. However, they have become effective for working with images only recently, due to the availability of powerful processors and GPUs.

Deepfakes may be used to create a completely synthetic face (“synthetization”), to change a person’s face with someone else’s face (so-called “face-swaps”), to change what a subject is saying (“lip-sync”), or even to change the words and movements of someone’s head so that they are like a puppet, or a guided actor (“re-enactment”). Each application requires a different AI architecture and workflow.

With this release of Amped Authenticate, we’re delivering a new filter called Face GAN Deepfake. It allows you to analyze all faces in an image to determine whether they are real or synthetic faces obtained with a Generative Adversarial Network (GAN).

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