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From high-rises to coastlines: Linx Hub enables connectivity anywhere

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From high-rises to coastlines: Linx Hub enables connectivity anywhere
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Connectivity is key to staying informed and connected to the wider world. This is especially true in emergency situations where timely communication and access to information is critical. Enter the Linx Hub portable Wi-Fi hotspot. Designed with mobility in mind, the Linx Hub’s rugged and durable design, compact size, and quick setup time enable responders to establish a resilient Wi-Fi network with vast range, no matter their location.

What sets Linx Hub apart?

In emergency situations, reliable and fast internet access is critical for first responders to communicate and coordinate their efforts effectively. Linx Hub offers a quick and easy solution to provide connectivity at the touch of a button.

Unlike most domestic Wi-Fi hotspots, Linx Hub can cover a much wider area, making it particularly useful in rural or remote areas where cellular coverage is often limited. The device offers unparalleled flexibility and can easily be moved and put in position to provide coverage anywhere that it is needed.

Taking remote connectivity to new heights

Linx Hub example use cases

Hereford and Worcester Fire and Rescue Service’s drone team uses Linx Hub to stream HD, low-latency video beyond the pilot to a wider audience providing invaluable insight. Linx Hub’s reliable connectivity ensures that the team can provide enhanced situational awareness with remote commanders so they can assess the situation and make informed decisions regarding their response strategies.

Shropshire Fire and Rescue Service’s high-rise building evacuation teams use Linx Hub to take their network with them into buildings, allowing them to remain connected and in communication with the wider organisation and co-responding agencies. Linx Hub’s advanced security features ensure that sensitive information remains private and secure.

The Home Office – Clandestine Channel Threat Command has one onboard their Incident Command Unit so that if they are working on coastline terrain where the vehicle cannot travel, they can take the Linx Hub wherever needed and set up a processing site.

The Covid vaccination team of University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (UCLH) uses mutliple Linx Hub’s to bring healthcare closer to patients. They are kept in their vehicles and take them out when they are administering vaccines in people’s homes and offices. This ensures they have a secure connection to their own back-office systems to update their records.

Designed for responders, by responders

Linx Hub was originally developed in collaboration with Mid and West Wales Fire and Rescue Service as part of the T20 Digitisation Programme to reliably track firefighters beyond the vehicle within buildings or when deployed at a whole host of incidents.