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03 Jul 2024

E-pack200 DMR-Digital Wireless Ad Hoc Dual Channel Repeater

Hytera Communications Stand: 4/D50

The E-pack200 repeater is a huge advance in the wireless ad hoc network (WANET) repeater portfolio, designed to offer dual communication paths simultaneously and precise positioning services, providing an all-round networking solution for those engaged in firefighting, disaster relief, VIP security, public safety management, and more.

The E-pack200 repeater can operate on custom frequencies within the 400-470 MHz preset frequency range, thus improving the efficient usage of channel resources.

With it’s light, small and IP67 design, the E-Pack200 can be installed in a vehicle, carried in a backpack, or be pole or wall-mounted making it suitable for deployment as temporary communication or to provide or extend indoor coverage.

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